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Winter 2023

From the Editor’s Notepad

Dear Friends,

Close to my home in Central Massachusetts, a clustering of maple trees stands tall and naked against a grey winter sky. Beneath the dark and rough bark of these trees, immensely potent forces of new life are flowing. These will soon become evident as sap begins to flow from small taps jutting from the trunks into little white pales belted around the trees. We are gearing up for a season of sweet maple syrup.

So it is also during this winter season at the Center for Anthroposophy (CfA), where the directors of our six programs are forming new courses and rosters of faculty in preparation for the spring and summer terms ahead. In this issue of Center & Periphery, CfA’s thrice-yearly newsletter, you can read about new programs that will soon become evident in

  • Explorations Online for 2023-2024, including a fresh line-up in our series of supplementary high school seminars called “Starlight Rays in Darkened Times”
  • Kairos Institute arts’ studios, workshops, and lectures for spring, summer, and beyond
  • Waldorf Leadership Development for Waldorf administrators and school leaders, beginning a new low-residency course this spring
  • Building Bridges preliminary teacher training program, which is launching its first course in the Southeast region
  • Renewal Courses for June/July 2023
  • Waldorf High School Teacher Education Program (WHiSTEP), which is starting a new cohort this summer for prospective and practicing high school teachers with specializations in the arts, humanities, math, and the sciences

It is our hope that you will sample one or more of these offerings, and that they may sweeten your own spring and summer seasons!

Douglas Gerwin
Executive Director
Center for Anthroposophy

Douglas Gerwin, Ph.D.

Executive Director of CfA

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