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Autumn 2023

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CfA Calendar: February – July 2023

Program Events


February 2023
Saturday 18 (Atlantic Beach, FL)
Building Bridges begins (through February 2024)

March 2023
Saturday 11 (all online)
Explorations Online begins (through February 2024) 
“Starlight Rays in Darkened Times” high school seminars begin (through March 2024) 

Saturday 18 (online)
Waldorf High School Teacher Education
Program (WHiSTEP)
day of virtual seminars 

April 2023
Friday 21 (all in Keene, NH: residencies end by Wednesday, 26 April)
Kairos Institute residency
– Waldorf Leadership Development final residency for 2022-2023 cohort

May 2023
Saturday 20 (online)
Waldorf Leadership Development new 2023-2024 cohort begins (through April 2024)

June 2023 
Sunday 25 (all online)
Renewal Courses Week I begins (through Friday, 30 June)
WHiSTEP Summer 2023 begins (through Friday, 30 June)

Monday 26 (online)
Waldorf Leadership Development 2023-2024 cohort resumes (through Thursday, 29 June)

July 2023
Sunday 2 (all in Wilton, NH)
Renewal Courses Week II begins (through Friday, 7 July)
Kairos Institute Summer 2023 resumes (through Friday, 7 July)
WHiSTEP Summer 2023 continues (through Sunday, 23 July)

Saturday 22 (in Wilton, NH)
WHiSTEP Demonstration evening

Sunday 23 (in Wilton, NH)
Graduation of WHiSTEP and Antioch Waldorf Program trainees


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