Ready for Explorations Online 2022-23?

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In 2020 we transformed our popular Explorations program from an in-person offering that took place in local school communities to a fully online program. Since then, interested people from around the world have been able to take part in this foundational program, which is intended primarily for parents, administrators, and new teachers in public and independent Waldorf schools, as well as those teaching children at home. 

Each class will begin with 30 minutes of artistic work (speech/storytelling, movement for personal hygiene, music, and pastel drawing), followed by contemplative studies on current themes using anthroposophy as a method of inquiry. We will look at a holistic view of the human being, self-development, plus current social and pedagogical needs.

Now this popular course meets on weekends twice a month -- Saturdays and Sundays 12:00 -- 2:00 ET, 9:00 -- 11:00 PT.

We are now accepting registrations for our next cycle beginning March 12, 2022

Please see the 2022-23 program schedule below.

Class Schedule for Explorations 2022-23

March 12 and March 26-27, 2022    Meditative Practices and Self-Development, with Bev Boyer/Torin Finser, speech with Debbie Spitulnik

April 9-10 and April 30-May 1    Practical Thinking and the Rightful Place of Technology, with Douglas Gerwin, eurythmy with Leonore Russell

May 14-15   Parents and Community in a Waldorf School, with Torin Finser and Karine Munk Finser, pastel drawing with Karine Munk Finser


September 10-11 and September 24-25   Meeting the Social and Emotional Needs of Children Today, with Kim John Payne, eurythmy with Leonore Russell

October 1-2 and October 15-16   Healing the Hurt: Learning to Support Each Other as Advocates for Social Justice, with Heather Scott, singing with Meg Chittenden

October 29-30 and November 12-13   Phenomenology:  Learning to See with Beginner’s Eyes: Study and Visual Arts with Colleen O’Connors

December 3-4 and December 17-18   Temperaments and Learning Styles, with Carla Beebe Comey, speech with Debbie Spitulnik

January 14-15 and January 28-29   Overview of the Waldorf Grades Curriculum: A Renewed Pedagogy for our Time, with Alison Henry and guest presenters, singing with Meg Chittenden

February 11-12 and February 25   Innovation Through Anthroposophical Initiatives, with Karen Atkinson/Bev Boyer, speech with Debbie Spitulnik 

Tuition for the entire course is payable by credit card in 10 monthly installments of $72

Completion of the Explorations course (32 sessions) satisfies prerequisite foundational studies for Waldorf teacher training. Contact our program directors for information about supplemental Explorations seminars for Waldorf high school teachers ( and school administrators (

We welcome international students!

For more information and to register, contact:, Ph. (603) 654-2566

For those preparing to undertake Waldorf teacher training, this program fulfills prerequisite foundational studies.

Program Plan for current cycle: Review/Print the 2021-22 program here
Program Resources: EXP 2021 Reading List & Materials needed

Please note:
When registering for the Explorations program you are committing to the entire course of study and even though the total tuition of $720 is collected in more manageable monthly installments, it is not to be understood as paying for a month’s worth of classes. Should you miss a class or two, the tuition will still be charged.

To register, click here and pay your fully refundable* deposit of $72 to hold a place in the next cohort.*Your deposit is fully refundable ONLY if you cancel your registration via email by January 15, 2022. No refunds available after that date.

Please note, we have had long waiting lists for some of our programs, so please register early!

Further steps after Explorations:
After completing the Explorations Program, motivated participants may enroll in a Building Bridges Program designed as the first step in Waldorf Teacher Education. If a school community has more than 15 interested in Building Bridges for the following school year (2022-23) we may be able to offer that program face to face at your school. Check the CfA website for updates.

Blessings to you…

“Blessings to you and thank you so much for this wonderful program.  It enriches my weeks and days and moments with an internal calm and strength I have never known.” 

(Explorations participant)