The Explorations class beginning on April 3, 2021 is now full and the registration is closed. Thank you for your interest, and please consider joining us for the next class in 2022 by filling out the form below:

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Three years ago, in response to the changing needs of our students, we transformed our popular Foundation Studies Program into Explorations.  Since then we have offered weekend workshops in Jacksonville and Boca Raton in Florida, Marietta (Georgia), Asheville (North Carolina), and Washington DC.  These weekends filled with arts and anthroposophy were augmented by seminars and zoom sessions between the workshops.  

This program is intended primarily for parents, administrators, and new teachers in public and independent Waldorf schools, as well as those teaching children at home. 

Each class will begin with 30 minutes of artistic work (speech/storytelling, movement for personal hygiene, music, and pastel drawing), followed by contemplative studies on current themes using Anthroposophy as a method of inquiry. We will look at a holistic view of the human being, self-development, plus current social and pedagogical needs.

(Please note that these are live, interactive classes and thus they will not be recorded.)

Further steps after Explorations:

After completing the Explorations Program, motivated participants may enroll in a Building Bridges Program designed as the first step in Waldorf Teacher Education. If a school community has more than 15 interested in Building Bridges for the following school year (2021-22) we may be able to offer that program face to face at your school. Check the CfA website for updates.