Michael D’Aleo255

BS Mech. Eng., Rutgers University, MS Ed., Sunbridge College

High school physics/math teacher at Waldorf School of Saratoga Springs in Saratoga Springs, NY. Director of Research at SENSRI. Waldorf class teacher, trustee, parent, spouse. Inventor with 17 U.S. patents, co-author of Sensible Physics Teaching and author of Embracing Materialism and Letting It Go, as well as articles on teaching science and environmental issues. Co-founder of the Teaching Sensible Science program.

CfA teaching: Waldorf high school teacher education (pedagogical studies, science seminars, mentoring).

Douglas Gerwin254

B.A., Hons., University of Sussex; Ph.D., University of Dallas

Executive Director of the Center for Anthroposophy (CfA) and Chair of its Waldorf High School Teacher Education Program (WHiSTEP); Executive Director of the Research Institute for Waldorf Education (RIWE). Visiting high school teacher in life science, history, literature, and music; lecturer and mentor to Waldorf high schools across North America.Adjunct faculty at Antioch University New England.

WHiSTEP Courses:  Human Development; Waldorf Curriculum; Professional Seminar Level III; Subject Seminars.

Renewal Courses:  Fundamentals of Anthroposophy

Foundation Studies: Practical Training in Thinking; Twelve Senses; Threefold Social Organism; Life Science and Technology.

Antioch Courses: The Adolescent

Paul Gierlach

Involved in Waldorf education for nearly forty years, first as a class teacher in Detroit; a high school teacher on the east coast, mid-west, and west coast of United States; lead teacher in Honolulu high school. Taught in teacher training programs and worked with faculties in the Mexico, Argentina and, currently, the United States and China. Created Dynamic Drawing for use in high school classrooms. Special interest lies in creating classroom environments that supports teacher’s work with students with different learning styles.

Michael HoldregeDSC_0356

B.A. University of Minnesota; M.S., Spertus Institute; M.B.A., North Park University; M.A., Prescott College; Certificate in Waldorf Education, Stuttgart Germany.

Teaches Life and Earth Sciences, Economics and German at the Chicago Waldorf School. Faculty member at the Arcturus Rudolf Steiner Education Program in Chicago, and at the Waldorf Teacher Training Program in Xi’an, China. Author of From Creative Ideas to Innovative Practices—Change-adept Organizations for a Changing World.

CfA teaching: Waldorf high school teacher education—Life Sciences; Professional Seminar II

Signe Motter

 M.Ed., Antioch University New England

Waldorf early childhood and class teacher, currently at Waldorf School of Princeton, NJ. Adjunct faculty in the Waldorf program at Antioch University New England.

WHiSTEP Courses: Human Development
Renewal Courses: Self-Education through Intuitive Thinking and Artistic Perception
Foundation Studies: Basic books of Rudolf Steiner

Laura Radefeld247

Diploma, Eurythmy Spring Valley; Pedagogical Eurythmy Diploma, Emerson College, U.K.

Teaches eurythmy  at Green Meadow Waldorf School in Chestnut Ridge, NY.  Adjunct faculty at Antioch University New England and teacher at School of Eurythmy in Spring Valley, NY. Regularly performs within the USA, including the Making Music Visible Tour and the Midwest Eurythmy Group.

CfA teaching: Eurythmy (with speech) in all three levels of the Waldorf High School Teacher Education Program.

Leonore Russell246

M.A., Adelphi University

Adjunct faculty at Antioch University New England and Adelphi University; Director of the Franz E. Winkler Center for Adult Learning.  Practicing eurythmist and pedagogical mentor of eurythmists; formerly high school humanities teacher and administrator at the Waldorf School of Garden City. Author of Kinesthetic Learning for Adolescents

 Renewal Courses: Eurythmy, Organizational Development

David SloanDSC_0333

B.A., Harvard University; Certificate, Waldorf Teacher Training, Emerson College, U.K; M.F.A., Stonecoast Poetry Program, University of Southern Maine.

He is the founding teacher of the new high school at the Merriconeag Waldorf School in Freeport, Maine where he teaches High school English and Drama. Advisor to Waldorf high schools and lecturer on Waldorf education. Author of Computers and Education, Stages of Imagination: Working Dramatically With Adolescents and Life Lessons.

CfA teaching: Waldorf high school teacher education (English seminars, drama workshops, mentoring).






Patrick Stolfo244

MA in Waldorf Education from Mercy College of Detroit, BFA in Sculpture, Certificate, Sculptural Program, Emerson College, U.K.

He is teacher of sculpture, art history, and architecture at Hawthorne Valley School in Ghent, NY where he also serves in various school leadership roles and is an instructor in school s own Foundation Studies program. Freelance sculptor and adult workshop leader. Waldorf parent, trustee, and spouse.

CfA teaching: Waldorf elementary and high school teacher education (sculpture, high school arts and art history seminars, mentoring).

Jamie YorkTOK_2709

M.S., Computer Science, University of Denver; Certificate in Waldorf High School Teacher Education from the Center for Anthroposophy

Teaches high school mathematics at Shining Mountain Waldorf School in Boulder, Colorado  as well as at a Waldorf school in Holland and in math workshops for teachers across North America.  Author of a series of books entitled Making Math Meaningful, which includes a math curriculum guide and math workbooks for each of the upper elementary and high school grades.

WHiSTEP Courses: High school math subject seminars.
Renewal Courses: Projective geometry and math for upper elementary grades.

General Pedagogical Courses

Michael D’Aleo, Michael Holdrege, Torin Finser, Douglas Gerwin, Signe Motter, Leonore Russell, Laura Radefeld, Paul Gierlach

Subject Specialization

Arts / Art History

Karine Munk Finser, Patrick Stolfo


David Sloan


Paul Gierlach, Douglas Gerwin

Life Sciences

Michael Holdrege


Jamie York

Physical Sciences

Michael D’Aleo

Fine Arts

Painting: Karine Munk Finser
Sculpture: Patrick Stolfo

Performing Arts

Speech: Daniel Stokes
Drama: David Sloan
Eurythmy: Leonore Russell, Laura Radefeld
Singing: Meg Chittenden
Spacial Dynamics: Jan Lyndes

I will use for the rest of my life

I can now appreciate the patience it takes to form a perfect sphere, or egg, or even simply straight lines from clay. The relationships and fundamental polarities that we worked through I will use for the rest of my life. I loved the social atmosphere and focus that a clay working environment created. I am now more patient with the clay, in tune with not only my eyes and what they see, but with the “seeing” of the hands, and I am able to handle greater complexities in this new art form for me. Excited to expand more next summer!

Kyler Ruane, first year student in the Waldorf High School Teacher Education Program specializing in English