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Autumn 2023

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Starlight Rays in Darkened Times: Seminars for Waldorf High School Teachers 2023-2024

Autumn 2023

By David Barham

Portrait of David BarhamWorking in and out of the classroom with adolescents is richly satisfying and endlessly challenging. High school-aged students, deeply aware of the world’s possibilities and frightening realities, are full of energy and passion and are raring to engage. They are also vulnerable and in need of understanding adults who care deeply about them and their world.

Every other Saturday, we welcome a currently practicing Waldorf educator with insights and years of experience to facilitate conversations about topics that matter to adolescence. If you work with adolescents and welcome new approaches and tools for deepening your work and relationships, we invite you to join these online sessions. You won’t always agree with every idea presented, but we guarantee you will find these presentations thought-provoking. You just may end up with your heart more open and your mind more expanded!

From the comfort of your own home, you can join teachers, such as Jamie York, Megan Sullivan, Nathan Wilcox, Luke Goodwin, Heather Scott, Kemal Lowenthal, Johanna Flath, David Sloan, Alison Davis, Eva Binamu, Cedar Oliver, and David Barham.

Registration is still open for the remaining sessions, which take place on alternate Saturdays from 3:00 pm to 4:30 pm ET. Join the conversation and bring back helpful insights and tools to your classroom, school, and community.

For more information, email David Barham, Director of CfA’s Waldorf High School Teacher Education Program (WHiSTEP), at


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