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Autumn 2023

From the Editor’s Notepad

Dear Friends,

With this issue we kick off what we hope will become a regular feature of our thrice-yearly publication––namely, interviews with our alumni describing their life’s journey as Waldorf early childhood, elementary, high school, and subject teachers. What––or, more likely, who––drew them to Waldorf education, and how did they find their way?

In this issue, we also highlight a new online hub for our CfA/Antioch graduates and preview a fresh array of courses for the coming year, including the launch of an entirely new program for training mentors of Waldorf school teachers in early childhood, elementary grades, and high school years.

Douglas Gerwin
Executive Director
Center for Anthroposophy

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Dateline New York, NY: Alumni Profile – Deciding to Follow Your Heart

In the first of our new series of alumni profiles, Ruth Olson describes her journey from corporate trainer in the tech industry to Waldorf class teacher and administrator. Interviewed by Diana Tesni, Chair of the CfA/Antioch alumni leadership group. Continue reading…

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Dateline Keene, NH: Kairos Institute Healing in a World of Need

Karine Munk Finser, Director of CfA’s Kairos Institute, looks back on an inaugural year and forward to the next phase of this innovative training program in the therapeutic arts. Continue reading…

* * * * *

Dateline Keene, NH: A New Named Fund for the Kairos Institute

As part of its annual giving campaign, CfA has launched a new endowment fund to support its newly founded Kairos Institute. Continue reading…

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Dateline Dar es Salaam, Tanzania: A Chance Encounter that Was Not by Chance

Carla Beebe Comey describes how an encounter at this year’s world conference of Waldorf teachers in Switzerland led her on a trek to a unique Waldorf school outside the Tanzanian capital of Dar es Salaam. Continue reading…

* * * * *

Dateline Wilton, NH: Introducing New Program for Training Waldorf Mentors

After several years of research, CfA is starting a new program to train experienced Waldorf teachers as pedagogical mentors, based on a prototype first developed by AWSNA. Continue reading… 

* * * * *

Dateline Wilton, NH: Exploring with an International Flavor

CfA’s Explorations Online program is drawing participants from around the globe. Bev Boyer, Director of this popular 10-month program, reports on the latest cycle. Continue reading… 

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Dateline Wilton, NH: Rudolf Steiner, The Bear, and Reservation Dogs

David Barham draws upon insights from some unconventional sources following his first summer as the new Director of CfA’s Waldorf High School Teacher Education Program (WHiSTEP). Continue reading…

* * * * *

Dateline Wilton, NH: Starlight Rays in Darkened Times – Seminars for Waldorf High School Teachers 2023-2024

Now in its third cycle, this online series of seminars draws together high school teachers and those who work professionally with teenagers in high-level examination of current “hot topics”. Continue reading…

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Dateline Wilton, NH: Where Are They Now?

All six students who graduated this summer from CfA’s Waldorf High School Teacher Education Program (WHiSTEP) already have extensive teaching and administrative experience. Here is a brief outline of where they are now working. Continue reading…

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Dateline Keene, NH: Waldorf Leadership at First Hand

In addition to her experiences as an alumna of the Waldorf teacher training program at Antioch University New England (see alumni profile in this issue), Ruth Olson has also taken CfA’s “Waldorf Leadership Development” program for school leaders and administrators. Here she recounts the story of how she found her way to this program. Continue reading…

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Dateline Wilton, NH: Review and Preview of Renewal Courses 2023 and 2024

Karen Atkinson, Director of CfA’s summertime Renewal Courses, undertakes a journey of reflection on last summer while peering over the horizon to the next round of her in-person and online program offerings. Continue reading…

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Dateline Wilton, NH: News from the Abbot Hill Alumni Group

Diana Tesni, Chair of the Abbot Hill Alumni Group, reports on the most recent activities of this fledgling organization, including the “soft launch” of a new searchable database and a preview of plans for the coming summer. Continue reading…

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Dateline McMinnville, TN: New P.O. Box for CfA

While retaining its “home base” in New England, CfA has a new P.O. box for mailed correspondence, following the recent move of its administrator, Milan Daler, to Tennessee. Continue reading…

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Douglas Gerwin, Ph.D.

Executive Director of CfA