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Autumn 2023

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Well Worth the Wait

By Diana Tesni

Asparagus is one of my favorite vegetables. I was discouraged to learn that if planted from seed, asparagus can take three years to be ready for harvest. This seems just too long to wait for something so delicious. It requires such commitment, too, because the plants need to be carefully tended during those first years of unproductivity.

In a world that doesn’t look beyond the next quarter, having a three-year vision for any outcome is unusual. And yet that is about how long a group of CfA and Antioch Waldorf teacher training graduates have been dreaming of an Alumni Association that could become a network of personal and professional support and fellowship.

We are delighted to announce that our delicious project is ready to harvest! The Abbot Hill Alumni Group is formed, and if you are a graduate of the Waldorf Program at Antioch University New England or CfA’s own Waldorf High School Teacher Education Program (WHiSTEP), you are already a member of the association.                                 

You are warmly invited to attend a celebratory gathering of the Alumni Group on the evening of 6 July 2023 during the second week of CfA’s Renewal Courses, which will be held on the campus of High Mowing School on Abbot Hill Road in Wilton, New Hampshire. At this reunion we will be launching the new Abbot Hill online alumni directory, which we hope will encourage creative collaboration and connection among our membership. Oh, and there will be dancing. And––in place of asparagus––cake!

If you are a graduate of the CfA or Antioch Waldorf teacher training programs, be looking out for more information regarding the directory during the coming months, as well as information about the summer celebration and other upcoming alumni events.

We are looking forward to connecting with old and new friends as we begin this next phase of our journey together.

Diana Tesni
Chair, Abbot Hill Alumni Leadership Group:
Bev Boyer, Betsi McGuigan, Robyne Plaga, Sam Wasko, Baruch Simon, Laura Beatty

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