Our Mission

The mission of Center for Anthroposophy (CfA) is to enkindle a flame in adults

  • who resolve to raise today’s children and adolescents through Waldorf education; or
  • who engage in the leadership and administration of Waldorf schools; or
  • who work pedagogically with the healing arts

so that they can forge new human capacities out of their practice of lifelong learning and research.

What is Center for Anthroposophy?

Arising out of inspirations made available to humanity by Rudolf Steiner, CfA offers low-residency programs in Waldorf elementary and high school teacher education, professional and leadership development, and specialized training in healing education through the arts.

CfA supports schools worldwide, inspiring Waldorf teachers and those who stand with them as administrators, trustees, parents, friends, and healing community activists.

As an anthroposophical institution, CfA actively promotes the ideals of social inclusion, cultural diversity, individual equity, and socio-economic access in its programs, policies, and practices.

Since 1995 the Center has supported schools worldwide by continually preparing and renewing Waldorf teachers and those who stand with them as administrators, trustees, parents, and friends.

Statement of Purpose

CfA offers the following part-time adult education programs and courses for professional development: 

  • online Explorations (foundational studies) extending worldwide
  • low-residency training for Waldorf elementary and high school teachers, including the option to earn an accredited university Master’s or doctoral degree in education
  • onsite entry-level “Building Bridges” teacher education for practicing public and independent Waldorf school teachers
  • low-residency Waldorf administrative and leadership development
  • professional training in “Emergency Pedagogy” and artistic therapies (Kairos Institute)
  • week-long Renewal Courses in Waldorf curriculum and professional development 
  • mentoring for practicing Waldorf teachers
  • support for individual research projects related to Waldorf pedagogy
Take a look at what we have to offer in part-time and summer courses for all those wishing to deepen their understanding of spiritual life and to further their own professional and personal development.

Plus a beautiful summer campus, the option of vegetarian meals, and scholarship assistance.

Building Bridges
to Waldorf Teacher Training

Explorations Online

Waldorf High School Teacher Education

Kairos Institute

Renewal Courses 2022

Waldorf Leadership Development

Antioch University Waldorf Teacher Education Program

Earn a fully accredited Master's degree in Waldorf education through our affiliated teacher education program at Antioch University New England.

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