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Renewal 2022

Schedule for Renewal Courses 2022
WEEK 1 June 26th to July 1st (virtual)
Curative Education
with Robyn Brown
Gender in the Light of Social Understanding and Soul Development in Waldorf Education
with Lisa Romero and Meaghan Witri
Waldorf Leadership Development with Torin Finser and Special Guests
Preparing for Grade 1: Once Upon A Time
with Lori Ann Kran
Preparing for Grade 2: From Form to Solid Foundation
with Michael Gannon
Preparing for Grade 4: Celebrating the Earth: Hearing the Voices of our Elders, Reclaiming the Sacred
with Kevin Kilb
Preparing for Grade 5: The Golden Age: Feet upon the Ground, Gaze toward the Heavens
with Jen Kershaw
Preparing for Grade 6: From Chaos and Coldness to Order and Compassion
with Anne Clair Goodman
Preparing for Grade 7: A Year of Awakening & Exploring
with Wendy Kelly
Preparing for Grade 8: Awakening to Adolescence in a Rapidly Changing World
with Sarah Nelson
Special Features in Week 1
Daily Lectures with Christof Wiechert
Singing with Meg Chittenden
Eurythmy with Leonore Russell
Movement with Jan Lyndes
DEI Curriculum Innovations with Alison Henry
Special Evening Lecture with Lisa Romero
Week 2 July 3rd to July 8th Return to Community in Wilton, NH! (in person)
Starry Inspiration for Earthly Deeds, Diversity and Healing
with Elan Leibner Eurythmy with Jenny Foster
Make Up Your Mind: Navigating Color Through Polarity
with Charles Andrade
Living Thinking
with Michael D’Aleo
What a Character! Learning to Face Encounters “I” to “I”
with Chris Burke and Anne DeWild
Making Math Meaningful: The Joy of Learning Math in Grades 1-5
with Nettie Fabrie and Wim Gottenbos
Social Vibrancy through the Arts of Music and Eurythmy: The Healing Nature of Tone
with Jeff Spade and Jenny Foster
Bringing a Living Approach to Teaching Physical Sciences in Grades 6, 7, and 8
with Gary Banks
Cosmic Cycles, Earthly Rhythms
(Star Lore Historian)
The Art and Craft of Subject Teaching in a Waldorf School
with Jason Child
Special Feature in Week 2
Evening Lecture
with Adam Blanning, MD