Grade 1

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June 26-July 1

One Whole Class ~ Preparing for Grade 1 with Lori Kran

Forming a group of children into “one whole class” is the essential artistic process of any first grade teacher. The circle––geometric metaphor for “whole”–– serves as the archetype for everything, from morning movement/rhythmic activities to the earliest form drawing, from painting experiences to the class play. 

This online course will provide a solid foundation in the art of teaching grade one, including habit life and heartfelt respect; a suggested block schedule; examples of main lesson pages; introduction to consonants and vowels; choosing fairy tales; the qualities of numbers; the four operations; nature studies; recommended speech exercises, verses, poems, and songs; seasonal activities; painting and drawing; form drawing; birthday celebrations; and the pentatonic flute. Conversations will focus on the “economy of teaching”–– in short, how to effectively combine the ideal and the real, the esoteric and the exoteric, the spiritual and the practical. 

We will also discuss parent-teacher relationships, methods for effective distance learning, and, perhaps most important, how to maintain balance in life. Participants will receive resources galore, including a packet of poems, verses, and songs; photos of artistic work; and a comprehensive bibliography. 

Be ready to move, sing, play your flute, paint, and draw with block and stick crayons.

Lori Kran, Ph.D. in U.S. History; Waldorf certification from WTDA, Ann Arbor, MI. Lori was a class teacher for 20+ years at the Cincinnati Waldorf School. She is currently the Pedagogical Director at the Shining Mountain Waldorf School.


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