Make Up Your Mind: Navigating Colors Through Polarity


July 3-July 8

Make Up Your Mind: Navigating Colors Through Polarity

with Charles Andrade

“May you live in interesting times” is an axiom that describes the current situation many of us are experiencing in America. Long held concepts of reality are increasingly being challenged by circumstances demanding we re-evaluate our social and personal values as they relate to our sense of spiritual growth and self-development. Now more than ever, artistic processes that link to deeper understanding and awareness of the world, help to ground us in making decisions of moral value and certainty.

In this watercolor veil painting course, we will explore color and visual imagery as they spring from its source, the polaric world of Light and Darkness. A focus on the importance of value intervals that mediate between darkness and light in color will lead us to dynamic compositions and imagery. The week will begin with charcoal exercises to establish basic understanding of value intervals, then we will move on to watercolor painting exercises as we prepare for a larger painting and imagery.
$30 materials fee

Charles Andrade paints in the colorist style that he evolved from his initial training in England at Tobias School of Art & Therapy. His paintings can be found in private collections in North America, Europe, and New Zealand. Charles owns and operates Lazure Custom Wall Designs, a mural and decorative painting business specializing in Lazure, a unique European glazing finish that creates healing inner environments. Charles teaches fine art classes and offers Lazure and painting workshops worldwide.

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