The Art & Craft of Subject Teaching in a Waldorf School: Weaving the Fabric of the School

July 3-July 8

The Art & Craft of Subject Teaching in a Waldorf School: Weaving the Fabric of the School

with Jason Child

Subject teachers hold the periphery of the Waldorf school ecosystem, and their unique perspectives and careful stewardship can help strengthen the social and pedagogical fabric of the school. This course focuses on key insights and practical skills that will help a specialist become a strong Waldorf subject teacher. The emphasis of the course is on subject teaching in general rather than specific content in an area of expertise (world language, movement, handwork, arts, etc.). Participants will delve into excerpts from Rudolf Steiner’s work and explore pedagogical principles and everyday practices that can help them to connect more deeply with the nature and intentions of Waldorf education. We will explore ways in which teachers’ meditations, careful observation, child study, intentional collaboration with colleagues, and curriculum innovation can help grow capacities for the individual subject teacher while also strengthening a healthy warmth body that surrounds and supports the entire school.

Portrait of Jason ChildJason Child has been teaching in schools ever since he completed his Master’s in Music Education in 1994. He was appointed as Music Director at the Emerson Waldorf School in Chapel Hill, NC in 2005, where he has taught 1st – 12th grade music, choruses, and bands. He has also served as the school’s College and Faculty Chair, as well as coordinator of multiple accreditations.

Jason, who served for ten years on the Leadership Council of the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA), is now mentor, evaluator, and consultant to Waldorf schools throughout North America. He began teaching in the AWSNA teacher training program in Cuernavaca, Mexico in 2017, was the keynote speaker for AWSNA’s Mexican schools seminar 2015-2017, and has presented numerous workshops within and outside of Waldorf circles. The father of four Waldorf students, Jason loves exploring Waldorf pedagogy with seasoned experts and newcomers alike.

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