Starry Inspiration for Earthly Deeds: Diversity and Healing

July 3-July 8

Starry Inspiration for Earthly Deeds: Diversity and Healing

with Elan Leibner, Eurythmy with Jenny Foster

Rudolf Steiner suggests that every question can be viewed from 12 different points of view, and that 7 moods of knowing are active within those. The Zodiac and planets are a cosmic image of this plurality whose steadiness (the fixed stars) and movement (the planets) create an ultimate unity. At the center of this cosmos lies the reality and the possibility of love.

In this course we will work through artistic exercises (eurythmy, poetry) and discussions to learn the four basic points of view and how remaining stuck in any of them brings about entrenched division and conflict, while movement between them generates a soul-spiritual “range of motion” that can lead to understanding, empathy, and healing.

Elan Leibner had been a teacher of children and adults for over 30 years. He is currently traveling around the country in an RV with his wife and two dogs, visiting schools and talking to people from all walks of life. He is Chair of the Pedagogical Section Council.

Portrait of Jenny FosterJenny Foster brings 25 years of well-rounded experience in Waldorf schools. She began her teaching career in Seattle in Early Childhood, then moved to grade school, spending the majority of her years as a Eurythmy teacher of both children and adults alike, along with her work as director and performer with Eurythmy Northwest. Jenny has also taught at the Eurythmy training in Sweden at Rudolf Steiner Seminariet. She spent 7 years in Europe training, teaching, and performing before returning to the US. Most recently, Jenny has added class teacher to her responsibilities and currently teaches at Waldorf School of Princeton. Jenny’s ability to bring social harmony to a group through movement and music is her greatest joy.

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