Making Math Meaningful; The Joy of Learning Math in Grades 1-5


July 3-July 8

Making Math Meaningful; The Joy of Learning Math in Grades 1-5

with Nettie Fabrie and Wim Gottenbos

Underlying this course is the intention to stimulate confidence and genuine enthusiasm for teaching math. We need to reduce fear and stress and instead create a calm, safe learning environment that enables our students to achieve an inner state of quiet contemplation. This mood is crucial to creating a vessel in which learning math becomes possible. Working out of insights into child development, we will explore what children need at each stage and how to bring the key concepts of math without using tricks! Of course, we will also discuss the challenges that students may experience and practical ways to help them. Daily math lessons, activities, and the creation of main lesson book pages will be included.

Nettie Fabrie’s teaching career spans four decades, beginning with several years in the public schools of the Netherlands. As a Waldorf class teacher, she took two classes from first through eighth grade in Holland. In addition, she has been a remedial teacher for many years. More recently, Nettie has served as the pedagogical director of the Seattle Waldorf School.Over the years she has traveled the world mentoring Waldorf teachers, founding a Waldorf teacher training program in the Czech Republic, and serving on the faculty of Sound Circle Center in Washington State. At present Nettie is one of the sub-regional representatives for AWSNA’s Northwest Region. In her spare time, Nettie enjoys working in the garden and frequenting the theater, concerts, and art museums. She is co-author of the Making Math Meaningful resource book for grades 1-5.

Wim Gottenbos taught in Dutch public schools for 12 years before training to become a Waldorf teacher in Holland, where he took two classes through the elementary grades. He then carried three classes at the Seattle Waldorf School, including one complete cycle from grades 1-8. In 2017, he retired from class teaching and started mentoring and evaluating teachers in various schools of the Pacific Northwest. He was also part of Sound Circle Center’s Advanced Seminar. Wim’s passions include beekeeping, gardening, and reading. He is also a co-author of the Making Math Meaningful resource for grades 1-5.


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