What a Character! Learning to Face Encounters “I” to “I”

July 3-July 8

What a Character! Learning to Face Encounters “I” to “I”

with Chris Burke and Anne de Wild

Working closely with colleagues, parents, and others can sometimes test one’s patience, especially when their personalities clash with one’s own. In biography work, we view qualities of temperament and character as integral aspects of a person’s life path. We learn to see these qualities in ourselves and in others in order to help shine a light on the strengths of each person, especially those that lie hidden in so-called weaknesses. Through biography exercises and conversation, we will build a set of skills for facing these encounters “I” to “I”.

Chris Burke, born and raised in Pennsylvania, earned a Ph.D. in social psychology from New York University and is now an associate professor at Lehigh University, where his research has focused on social relationships and coping with stress. He lives with his wife and three children in Eastern Pennsylvania.   

Anne de Wild, born in Rotterdam, has lived in Switzerland since the age of three, where she now practices naturopathy and biography studies, as well as offering. In lectures and workshops on various topics.
Anne and Chris met in 2016 at the Biography and Social Art training in Spring Valley, NY, where he found that they shared a passion for carrying biography work out into the world. Inspired by the story “The Little Hummingbird” and its message that everyone has a part to play in solving big problems, they recognized that cultivating objective self-understanding is the domain of biography work. Thus The Hummingbird Principle was born.
*Special Note: This course will take place Tuesday- Friday, with your choice of course participation with one of our other sensational Renewal Courses on Monday.

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