Center & Periphery Newsletter — Spring 2022

CfA’s Online Newsletter Center & Periphery Spring 2022 From the Editor’s Notepad From the Editor’s Notepad Douglas Gerwin, Ph.D. Executive Director, CfA Dear Friends, After two years of being mostly […]

Center & Periphery Newsletter Winter 2022

Center & Periphery The Online Newsletter of the Center for Anthroposophy Winter | 2022 In This Issue   Dateline Freeport, ME: Passing the Baton of Waldorf High School Teacher Training  […]

Newsletter Fall 2021

  Center & Periphery The Online Newsletter of the Center for Anthroposophy   Fall | 2021    In This Issue    Dateline Amherst, MA: Feeling Blue  Dateline Keene, NH: “Paying Forward” for […]

Newsletter Spring 2021

Dear Friends: Over the years, CfA has pioneered a growing number of different programs related to Waldorf education, from introductory courses and teacher preparation to administrative training and ongoing rejuvenation […]

Center & Periphery Winter 2021

Dear Reader, It has been just over a year since news of the Covid-19 virus first began to encircle the world. Beyond its impact on human life and society, this […]

Center & Periphery Special Edition April 2020

From the Editor’s Notepad[ps2id id=’1′ target=”/] Dear Friends of CfA: So much has transpired since we last wrote to you a month ago! The unimaginable has become fact, the impossible […]

Center & Periphery Special Edition March 2020

From the Editor’s Notepad Dear Friends of CfA: In steering through rough seas, it is important to focus one’s vision on the far horizon while simultaneously keeping sharp watch on […]

Center & Periphery Winter/Spring 2020

  From the Editor’s Notepad The Romans named this the month of purification (februo = “purify through sacrifice”), signaling it was a time for cleansing and fresh beginnings. This year […]