Additional offerings for participants during Week I


June 26-July 1

Additional offerings for participants during Week I

  • Keynote Address and daily lectures with Christof Wiechert
  • Circle games and movement activities for grades 1-5 with Jan Lyndes
  • Daily singing and music instruction for grades 1-8 with Meg Chittenden
  • Daily eurythmy with Leonore Russell
  • Answering the Call for Decolonization: Reflections on the Waldorf Curriculum for Grades 6-8 with Alison Henry and Guests

Daily Town Hall Lectures with Christof Wiechert to begin each day!
Diversity in Waldorf Education: Do mysteries still exist?


  • Sunday:  The Child’s developing consciousness: Does age appropriate education exist?
  • Monday:  Ethnicity and the child’s understanding of it
  • Tuesday:  Gender identity and the child’s relation to it
  • Wednesday:  Is a child a sexual entity?
  • Thursday:  Social awareness in the child’s development
  • Friday:   Are life and death still mysteries, or does technology explain them?


Evening Town Hall Lecture with Lisa Romero, Wednesday 7:00 p.m.
The Spiritual Significance of Social Understanding


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