Waldorf Leadership Development


June 26-July 1

Waldorf Leadership Development ~ with Torin Finser and Special Guests, Eurythmy with Leonore Russell

This one-week intensive, designed to inspire school leaders in Waldorf public and independent schools, is intended to cultivate the capacities needed for navigating the terrain of school leadership. Lectures by Torin Finser, presentations by guest presenters, and small group discussion work will take place daily, along with eurythmy exercises led by Leonore Russell. This course is open to school administrators, board members, faculty members, and parents interested in learning more about how to serve in a leadership role; it is a required course for those registered in the 2022-23 cohort of CfA’s Waldorf Administration and Leadership Development Program.
Topics include:
Group Dynamics and Leadership Styles, Communication and Role Clarity in a Waldorf School, Conflict Resolution and Difficult Conversations, Leadership and Initiative, Learning to ‘Read’ the Biography of a Waldorf School, Navigating Pedagogical Leadership, The Founding and Early Years of a Public Waldorf School, and The Human Heart and Waldorf School Organizations.

Torin Finser
Torin Finser

Torin FinserPh.D., co-founder of the Center for Anthroposophy; Director of Waldorf Programs at Antioch University New England; post doctoral certification in Management Development, Harvard University; author of 14 books, including Organizational Integrity and Leadership Development.


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