Teaching Grade 3  Becoming a Steward of the Earth: Awakening to Self and Surroundings 

with Kris Ritz

In third grade, children experience the dawning recognition of becoming separate from the world. With the nine-/ten-year change, children come into a new relationship with themselves as “Ego” bearers as well as with the earth, working towards becoming a steward of the land. To support third graders through this profound transition, adults must carry a soul mood of reassurance and unwavering commitment. At the same time, the curriculum for this transitory year offers the children the rich nourishment necessary for this developmental shift. 

In our time together, the question of why each curriculum block study is brought will be explored to better address the question of why particular stories, songs, verses, and movement help children meet this particular threshold. Examples of activities that complement the various blocks and highlighted season/festival will be presented along with aspects of the morning lesson: specifically, recall and practice work related to spelling, grammar, and arithmetic. Whenever possible we will find ways to translate core curriculum into movement which is foundational for learning. Stories from the Hebrew Bible, along with creation stories from other traditions, will be shared to support this stage of development. 

Since third grade children are transitioning from their home space to larger surroundings, they are introduced practical activities such as farming, gardening, cooking, baking, handwork, and building. In preparation for this year, different project ideas will be shared: a weaving project, a recipe book, a garden journal, and more. Many resources will be provided from sample block plans, weekly schedules, and birthday verses to parent meeting notes related to the nine-/ten-year change and practical guidelines for a farm trip. These will all serve as a foundation to encounter and prepare the rich and hearty “verb” year of third grade.

Materials fee: $25

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