Learning Goals

This course introduces students to the activity of clay modeling/sculpture in its fundamental artistic principles. The importance and relevance of these artistic principles to child development are discussed. Appropriate curriculum indications are included.
Course Content

Following an introduction of the day’s theme, classes undertake demonstrations and guided exercises, including individual work on given themes and some group projects.

Topics Covered

  • Exploration of surfaces: flat and curved surfaces, shape – geometrical and organic, free form compositions
  • Sculptural form as an experience of movement: Exercises exploring the gestures of growth, buoyancy, weight, contraction, fluidity, solidity, and metamorphosis
  • Clay studies of soul gestures: based on an objective language of form, gestures of sympathy, antipathy, joy, sorrow, animal forms, etc. are explored.
  • The study of the human being: exercises in stance, proportion, and formative development

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