Life Sciences (HS 120)

I  Projected Learning Goals and Objectives:

The students learn how Waldorf education and goethean/phenomenological approach to science are applied and developed in the teaching of biology in the Waldorf high school from grades 9 to 12.

II   Overview of Course Content and Methods:

In the first year the life sciences subject seminar introduces the students to a goethean/phenomenological approach to studying nature and science. We will study the epistemological and scientific background of the approach, together with practical observational activities in botany.

III  Verification Requirements and Evaluation Methods:

The evaluation of the students is based on classroom participation and on any brief assignments and demonstrations given during the seminar.

IV  Readings:

In preparation for the seminar, students should read:

Craig Holdrege, Thinking Like a Plant: A Living Science for Life
(Great Barrington, MA: Lindesfarne Books, 2013)


FIRST year

Second Year

Third Year