English (HS 122)

I  Projected Learning Goals and Objectives:

Ninth graders enter high school full of energy and trepidation, usually eager to learn but often distracted by their own internal upheavals. The aim of this subject seminar is to introduce participants to the challenges of teaching English to adolescents caught between polarities. The seminar will be mostly exploratory and discussion-oriented, relying in large measure upon the questions and interests of the participants.

II  Overview of Course Content and Methods:

Getting Ready:

  • An overview of the ninth grade curriculum and how it meets the needs of young high school students                  

Establishing Rhythms:

  • The value of speech work; classroom routine; the three-part lesson

A Look at Morning Lesson Blocks:

  • Comedy and Tragedy, The Novel

Building Skills:

  • The Power of Precision: overcoming sloppy speech, bringing grammar to life
  • The Importance of Observation: journal writing
  • Lesson Planning and Execution: creating “eureka!” moments    
  • Working with Literature: helping students understand character, enter into discussion, shape ideas on paper

III  Verification Requirements and Evaluation Methods:

Evaluation will be based upon student involvement in class explorations and discussions, as well as short writing assignments.

IV  Suggested Reading:

Christy Mackaye Barnes, For the Love of Literature

David Sloan, Life Lessons

Sophocles, Oedipus Rex, tr. Roche




FIRST year

Second Year

Third Year