Mathematics (HS 326)

Learning Goals
To develop a deep understanding of the nature of mathematics; to learn how mathematics can aid adolescent development; to learn how to work with and develop a comprehensive mathematics curriculum; and to develop the ability to work effectively in a Waldorf school.
Course Content
The following topics will be included:

  • The high school math curriculum and its relationship to adolescent development, the history of mathematics and the evolution of consciousness.
  • Specific details for the teaching of the following topics: The works of Archimedes, Surveying, Descriptive Geometry, Calculus (main lesson), imaginary/complex numbers.
  • Practical aspects of teaching high school math. (e.g., homework, testing, remedial needs, etc.)
  • Preparation for further study. (e.g., What does it mean for a middle school student to be prepared for high school, and for a high school student to be prepared for college?)
  • A survey of modern and recent trends in mathematics education.
  • References and suggested topics for further study.


FIRST year

Second Year

Third Year