Professional Seminar (HS 318)

Learning Goals
This seminar, focusing on the professional development of the teacher, will complement the various subject seminars by taking up practical topics of common concern to all Waldorf high school teachers, including the gentle art of qualitative research. The format will be interactive, with students and faculty sharing observations and roles.
Course Content
Particular attention will be paid to the questions that arise in our-day-to-day teaching, including exercises to warm up a class, rhythms in teaching, different learning styles, and techniques for addressing different age groups. Attention will also be paid to independent research strategies as well as thefundamental ideas of the threefold social organism that underlie Waldorf education. These sessions will be practical in nature, taking the form of discussions, exercises, skill building, role plays, and so on. Students will be asked to suggest ahead of time burning questions and topics that they would like to explore in the context of this seminar.


FIRST year

Second Year

Third Year