Professional Seminar (HS 218)

I  Projected Learning Goals and Objectives:

  • Examine Rudolf Steiner’s description of the threefold nature of social life as it 1) corresponds to the threefold human being and 2) applies to education.
  • Identify a subject of interest to the students that could become a year-long research project.
  • Explore different approaches to independent research in order to introduce them to highs school students.
  • Write up the Research Project in the proper format and submit to the Chair of the high school program by the end of the summer session.

II  Overview of Course Content and Methods:

This course looks at the way Waldorf education creates healthy social life by addressing the threefold nature of the human being (threefold social organism).  It then gets down to the particulars of the life of teaching by investigating research methods, both in and outside the classroom.  We will draw upon ideas and experiences of all participants in the program.

III Outline of Course:

Week 1
The threefold nature of social life and Waldorf education (lecture)

Weeks  3, 4
Research methods and guidelines (group conversations)

Week 5
Writing up and sharing the research questions that students will pursue during the coming school year. (independent work)

IV  Verification Requirements and Evaluation Methods:

Students will be evaluated on class participation, exercises, and progress in preparing their independent research project.

V  Required Reading:

Rudolf Steiner, Basic Issues of the Social Question (GA 23) – available in book form as Towards Social Renewal or online at

Please read the following sections:

  • Translator’s Forward
  • Preface to the Fourth German Edition (1920)
  • Chapter 2: Finding Real Solutions to the Social Problems of the Times
  • Appendix


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Second Year

Third Year