Spacial Dynamics II (HS 240)

I  Projected Learning Goals and Objectives:

A deeper understanding of movement, spatial awareness, and human development. Age-appropriate movement activities for high school-age students, as well as work on our own movement as teachers.

II  Overview of Course Content and Methods:

Through movement activities and spatial awareness exercises we will explore themes such as:

  • human uprightness
  • spatial streams and posture
  • forces of gravity and levity
  • center and periphery
  • movement and counter-movement
  • personal/interpersonal space and sense of self/other
  • movement and its threefold relationship to thinking, feeling, and willing

Special attention will be given to participants’ areas of specialization and the incorporation of Spatial Dynamics awareness and practices.

III  Verification Requirements and Evaluation Methods:

Honoring the variance in levels of ability among the participants, students will be asked to take part as fully as possible and with a willingness to engage in all activities. Students should be open to the possibility of change and further development in their spatial awareness independent of their current ability.




FIRST year

Second Year

Third Year