Physical Sciences (HS 127)

I  Projected Learning Goals and Objectives:

Each participant will be encouraged to develop an understanding of the methods associated with phenomenological or sense based science.  Comparisons between the methods of sense based science and more classical approaches will be both encouraged and investigated. The emphasis will be placed on developing understanding through individual experience so that later presentations in the classroom are rich and authentic.  The physical science curriculum in all four grades will be surveyed with specific examples given as needed.  Various discussions concerning implementation of the curriculum and the relationship to the developing adolescent will also take place, followed by a more in depth investigation of the 9th grade Thermal Physics block.

II  Overview of Course Content and Methods:

The class will have two central themes.  The first will be to work with various phenomena associated with the 9th grade Thermal Physics curriculum.  Participants will be asked to investigate their own understanding of thermal phenomena and also begin to develop an understanding for and appreciation of phenomenological methods.  The teacher’s intention that underlies the ideal of having the students develop an understanding out of their own experience will play a central role in these discussions.  Secondly, the class will focus on an introductory study of some of the themes presented in The Marriage of Sense and Thought: Imaginative Participation in Science. If time permits, a brief discussion of some of the themes in The Warmth Course may also be included.

III Verification Requirements and Evaluation Methods:

The evaluation of students will be based upon participation in class and brief assignments generated during the course.



FIRST year

Second Year

Third Year