Life Sciences (HS 220)

I  Projected Learning Goals and Objectives:

The students learn how Waldorf Education and a goethean/phenomenological approach to science are applied and developed in the teaching of biology in a Waldorf high school from grades 9-12.

II  Overview of Course Content and Methods:

The seminar will focus on:

  • How the biology curriculum in grades 9 & 10 can help students exercise explanatory (linear) thinking and dynamic (process-oriented) thinking.
  • Content out of the curriculum (grades 9-10)
  • The form (“gestalt”) of a main lesson.
  • Presentations and discussions of research projects by second and third year students

III  Verification Requirements and Evaluation Methods:

The evaluation of the students is based on classroom participation and the work they have completed during the independent study period to prepare for the seminar, including independent research project (written) and presentation.

IV Readings:

As specified in the “Guidelines for Independent Study: Biology”

Manfred Von Mackensen, et al. (2004). Uprightness, Weight and Balance.  AWSNA Publications 

Craig Holdrege. (2002). The Dynamic Heart and Circulation (Chapters 1, 2, &  3).  AWSNA Publications.  



FIRST year

Second Year

Third Year