Mathematics (HS 126)

HS 126 Subject Seminar (Level I): Mathematics
Credits: 1
Faculty: Jamie York
I Projected Learning Goals and Objectives:
To come to an understanding of how Waldorf education is practiced and developed by math teachers in a Waldorf high school.
II Overview of Course Content and Methods:
The following topics will be included:

  1. An overview of the Waldorf mathematics curriculum.
  2. The Waldorf high school math main lesson curriculum and its relationship to adolescent development.
  3. The various aspects of Geometry as taught in Waldorf schools. Special emphasis will be given to the 10th grade Greek Geometry main lesson (including Euclid’s The Elements), and the 10th grade geometry track class.
  4. An overview of the history of mathematics and how it relates to the various mathematics courses as taught in a Waldorf high school.
  5. Investigation and discussion regarding the following central questions:
  • What is the nature of mathematics?
  • What are the purposes and objectives of teaching mathematics?
  • What does it mean for a student to be prepared for high school and college math?
  • What math skills are necessary in order to be prepared for high school and college math?
  • What makes math meaningful?
  1. The study of the following books:
  • Peter Taylor, A Senior High School Mathematics Textbook.
  • Bengt Ulin, Finding the Path.
  • Jamie York, Making Math Meaningful
  1. Current issues and trends in mainstream mathematics education.


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