Learning Goals

Students will:

be able to demonstrate an understanding of the developmental differences of high school students in the four levels of their education
know the ways in which Waldorf education develops thinking, especially as it relates to history, over the four years of high school
be able to apply the Waldorf approach to history in the middle levels (sophomore and junior years) of the Waldorf high school
know how to generate age-appropriate materials for the middle levels (sophomore and junior years) of high school
teach a sample Waldorf high school class
receive and implement constructive criticism concerning the sample class presentation

Course Content

This course continues to deepen the understanding of the developmental and symptomatological approach to the teaching of history, especially as it applies to the sophomore and junior years of high school teaching. It begins by observing the developmental changes in the junior and senior years and continues the discussion of the ways in which teacher and the Waldorf curriculum meets those needs especially in the areas of thinking. In the latter part of the course, students will present model lessons, which the class critiques, so that the students gradually gain the skill and the confidence needed to teach the middle years of high school.

Week 1
A review of symptomatological and developmental approaches in the four years of high school, especially as they apply to the development of thinking; presentation of the rest of the grade ten history curriculum with emphasis on comparison and contrast as a basic technique for understanding ancient world history, the US Constitution, and Nineteenth Century America up to the Civil War.

Week 2
Using the theme of the search for identity (“Man is the measure of all things”), a presentation of the grade eleven history curriculum with emphasis on analysis as a tool for understanding world history including the Fall of Rome through the Renaissance, Reformation, and Enlightenment; the cultural history of the “Third World”; and Nineteenth Century American History: the Civil War through the Spanish American War.

Week 3
Student presentations of sample tenth and eleventh grade classes with peer review.