Learning Goals

This course is designed to deepen the experience of the art of eurythmy and its context in the Waldorf high school curriculum. As a level II course, it assumes participants have taken teacher education eurythmy level I or its equivalent.

The goals of this course are: to continue to develop understanding and appreciation for eurythmy and its role in the high school; to facilitate a deeper understanding of Rudolf Steiner’s vision of the human being through eurythmy; and to facilitate understanding of eurythmy as a path of development of “initiative of soul and initiative of will”. This course also aims to give tools to experience eurythmy as a support to ongoing personal and professional development as a Waldorf teacher. This course will bridge eurythmy with themes from the curriculum through poetry, music, movement styles, etc.

Classes will require journaling as a method of reflecting on class experience and will be reviewed at the end of the course.
Course Content

Week 1:

Continue learning basic principles of eurythmy including expression of major, minor, and dissonance in music and harmony as structure for eurythmy, choreography, poetry from the curriculum, social learning through eurythmy, and making inner experiences visible through outer forms/choreography.

Week 2:

Hygienic eurythmy for the teacher, planetary eurythmy gestures, consideration of high school students’ experience of eurythmy, and elaboration of week 1 themes.

Week 3:

Synthesis of course content, social learning through eurythmy, presentation of work and completion of journal documentation .