Esoteric Science (HS 216)

Learning Goals
This course examines the esoteric history of the human being. By looking at various cosmological and historical phenomena, we will try to find the reflections of the anthroposophical view of human development by making wide sweeps through world history. Students should leave the course with a basic understanding of the spiritual scientific approach to the evolution of human consciousness. In addition, we will examine tools to spiritual self-development as outlined by Rudolf Steiner.
Course Content
Using Esoteric Science by Rudolf Steiner as the basic text, both teacher and participants will explore and present sections of the text to the class. Each student is expected to present a portion of the text to the rest of the class. Questions and discussion are encouraged in this exploration. By the end of the course, students will be asked to present an art project or short written reflection on an aspect of the evolution of consciousness.
Weeks 1-2
The evolution of the earth and solar system in relationship to spiritual beings (Old Saturn, Sun, Moon, and Earth; stages of Earth evolution through Atlantis).
Weeks 2-3
World history in the light of the evolution of consciousness from Old India (c.7227-5067 BC), Old Persia (c.5067-2907 BCE), Egypto-Caldea (c.2907-747 BCE), and Greece (c.747 BCE to 1413 CE) to our present Fifth Post-Atlantean era (1413 CE to present); emphasis on the development of sentient, intellectual and consciousness soul.
Week 3
Attitudes and exercises in self-development; art project presentations.


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Second Year

Third Year